GP-Chem International Joint Graduate Program in Integrated ChemistryInternational Joint Graduate Program
in Integrated Chemistry


1. Recruitments

The Graduate Program in Integrated Chemistry, (hereafter, GP-Chem) will recruit several students for April 2024.

2. Eligibility

Applicants should be graduate students enrolled in the graduate schools or majors participating in GP-Chem and satisfy both of the following two requirements:

  • Those who are or will be enrolled as a second-year master’s degree student in one of the following majors in the graduate schools of Tohoku University as of April 2024, those who will be enrolled as a first-year doctor’s degree student and afford a period of enrollment of three or more years, or those who are enrolled as a first-year doctor’s degree student in the Doctoral Program (Pharmacy).
  • The applicants should conduct research related to chemistry and plan to continue to the doctoral program soon after completing their master’s degree program. Moreover, the applicant should receive a recommendation from their current academic supervisor to join the program.

【Graduate Schools and Majors participating in GP-Chem】
・ Chemistry in the Graduate School of Science
・ Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Biomolecular Engineering in the Graduate School of
・All majors in the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Graduate School of Information Science, Graduate School of Life Sciences, and Graduate School of Environmental Studies

GP-Chem is a continuous graduate program, starting from the second year of the master’s program, followed by three years in the doctoral program. Only the students who plan to continue to the doctoral program are eligible to apply for this program.

3. Application Procedure

 Application Period:January 22 (Mon.) – 31 (Wed.), 2024

 Where to submit:
International Joint Graduate Programs Office (GP-Chem), Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University
#2F Science Administration Center (H-11)
Access Map

[ Postal Address]
International Joint Graduate Programs Office (GP-Chem), Graduate School of Science,
Tohoku University
6-3, Aramaki-Aza-Aoba, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8578 JAPAN

Application documents should be received by the GP-Chem Office no longer than , January 31, 2024.
Send by registered mail, indicating “GP-Chem Application” in red on the envelope.


4. Application Documents

Applicants should submit the following materials:

Application Guidelines(PDF)
※If the documents are in a language besides English, attach a translation in either Japanese or English. (Translations may be done by the applicant)
※Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
※No withdrawal of an application or change of information in the application documents is allowed after the application has been filed. Application materials will not be returned.
※The admission to this program may be cancelled for those who have made false statements in their applications, even after they have been admitted to this program.

5. Screening

Applicants will be screened on the bases of the submitted documents and the results of the interview.

Interview:One interview will be given from February 27 (Tue.) , 2024.
※ Detailed information will be sent to each applicant later.

6. Announcement of Result

The results of the screening will be emailed to each applicant on March 14 (Thu.), 2024.

7. Financial Support

・To encourage applications from well-qualified students from inside and outside of Japan and to allow successful applicants to plan and practice independent and original research, GP-Chem will provide financial support to the graduate students selected for this program.
・If you are currently receiving a scholarship or financial support, consult us in advance to ensure no regulations governing them are violated.
・Applicants may apply for other graduate programs at the same time. If they are accepted to multiple programs, whether it is possible to take multiple courses shall be considered individually. It is not allowed to receive financial support from two or more graduate programs.
・GP-Chem students are required to apply for the Research Fellowship for Young Scientists from JSPS.

8. Degree Requirements

To complete this program, students need to satisfy the program-specific requirements in addition to the general degree requirements of the graduate school they are currently enrolled in.
For more information, please refer to “CURRICULUM : Promotion and Completion Requirements” in GP-Chem HP.