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3rd International Symposium on the Frontiers of Functional Materials Research (GP-Chem後援)


■3rd International Symposium on the Frontiers of Functional Materials Research
■日時:2024年4月8日(月) 13:00~17:30
■場所: 青葉山キャンパス 環境科学研究科棟(J22) 4 階 講義室 5

13:00-13:05 Opening remarks
13:05-13:25 Johannes Hartel, University of Münster
Title: Development of novel lithium argyrodite solid electrolytes for application as
catholyte in solid-state batteries

13:25-13:45 Huang Zheng, Kyushu University
Title: The design principles for a new class of Na-ion conducting halides: NaMCl6 (M =
Nb, Ta)

13:45-14:25 Dr. Arunkumar Dorai, Tohoku University
Title: Evaluating active material dissolution in lithium-sulfur batteries using magnetic
resonance imaging

14:25-15:05 Dr. Randy JALEM, Senior researcher, NIMS
Title: Computational insights into the bulk and grain-boundary ionic transport
mechanism of sulfide-type solid electrolytes for all-solid-state batteries
15:05-15:20 Break

15:20-16:00 Associate Prof. Saneyuki Ohno, Tohoku University
Title: Challenges and perspectives on solid-state Li-S batteries

16:00-17:00 Prof. Wolfgang G. Zeier, University of Münster
Title: On strain and transport limitations in solid-state batteries

17:00-17:30 Discussion
17:30 Closing remark


■演者紹介: Münster大学のWolfgang Zeier先生は、この分野において顕著な業績を上げる気鋭の若手研究者で、Chemistry of Materialsのassociate editerでもあります。(参考: